Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas spectacular!

This, my friends, is the busiest week of my year.  I am participating in a 3-day craft show at FBC Georgetown, the aptly named Christmas Spectacular!  This isn't just any little craft show, no siree.  Georgetown, in spite of being more or less a suburb of Austin, still really has a small-town feel.  And the whole small town seems to turn out for this shindig!  70 vendors, last I heard...

I'm sooooo not ready, but who cares.  I didn't even know if I would participate this year, because of things with my dad.  But after he passed, I knew that some very serious craft therapy would be good for me, so I jumped right in.  It wasn't enough time to do all that I would have liked to do for the show, but it was healing to be creative.

And I know my daddy would be proud of me for that.

The etsy shop will be on vacation during the show.  After it's all done, keep your eyes peeled for another original pattern, this time a knitting one...

If you're local, come by the show!  It's this Thursday through Saturday, 9-5 on Th and Fr, 9-3 on Sat.  Highway 29 in Georgetown, just west of I-35 and Wolf Ranch shopping center.  Seriously, this is an amazing show, and it benefits the preschool there at FBC.  I'll be in the foyer!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yay!  I've had a lot of fun with this!

Our family tradition includes an Advent calendar, and I've had trouble finding one I really like. My last one was cute, but the pockets were so small that you couldn't put anything more than a mint in each one.  And since I have a kid that's allergic to food coloring, we don't do a lot of candy.

And these flag banners (I hear some people call them buntings) are everywhere this year...and soooooo cute...and this Moda Fruitcake fabric matches my house so well...you can see how this developed.

The family likes it so much that even though I just put up the greenery and lights to take the pictures, they want me to leave it up.

Who am I to argue with that? ;)

Pattern is now for sale in the shop.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my little model

Took some etsy listing photos with A-bug yesterday. She really enjoyed the modeling! Of course, I bribed her with cookies.

She doesn't just stand there.  Oh no.  This girl does not know how to be still. She mugs, poses, dances, spins.  She has her own inner soundtrack going at all times.  I make a game out of trying to figure out what song is playing in her mind.

"The hills are alive..."

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

"Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty, shake your booty!"

Never a boring moment with this one!

The stars and swirls apron is already up on etsy here.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

and we have a winner!

Hooray!  We have a winner in the CSN giveaway!

Liz said:

"I love your camera strap cover with the Michael Miller tools fabric!"

Thanks to all who entered, and welcome to my new followers!  This was the first time I have been contacted by an outside company to do a giveaway, and hopefully not the last.  You guys will be the first to know!

This week I will be working on lots of stuff to add to the etsy shop, and getting ready for two craft shows in the next three weeks.  And of course, I have to keep my family fed and clothed and all that.

Be sure to go over to Liz's blog, because she lists lots of other giveaways!

{Random.org was used to generate the winning entry.  A big thank you to CSN for the opportunity!}
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

it's time for a giveaway!

Hi all!  I am thrilled to bring you a giveaway from CSN Stores this week!  CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from nesting tables to handbags to baby shoes, you name it.  This would be a great place to start your Christmas shopping!  I'll be giving away a $35 gift certificate to one lucky reader.

Here are a couple of things that have caught my eye on the CSN site:

A better looking mirror for my guest bathroom!  Free shipping, too...

This gorgeous tote, which I think would hold a lot of knitting projects!  And it's gray.  I'm really into gray right now for some reason.

I bet you can think of lots of ways to spend $35!

There are lots of chances to win!
  1. Leave me a comment!
  2. Follow my blog (Google connect or RSS), Facebook, Twitter, or tell me if you already are.
  3. Take a peek at my etsy shop and tell me something you like or want to see there.
  4. Take a peek at the CSN stores sites and tell me what you would spend your $35 on!
  5. Spread the word and tell me how you did it!
Remember to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry - so you get all your chances to win.  And be sure to include an email address in your comment or Blogger profile, so I don't have to track you down.

Contest closes Sunday, Oct. 17, at 11:59pm CDST.

{images courtesy of CSN}

edited to add:
I am not being compensated by CSN, I was merely contacted by them and agreed to host the giveaway to bless you guys!!
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Creativity is not a pretty sight."

Horrific pile, eh?  My mom is visiting, but when she saw my office, she was not surprised.

Because when I was a teenager, I had a Garfield sign on my bedroom door that said, "Creativity is not a pretty sight."  I used this as an excuse for all kinds of horrific clutter in my room, which truly was either debris from creative activities, or a general lack of cleanliness because I was so busy being creative I didn't have time to clean.

Nothing has changed.  ;)  Everything in my sewing room has to coexist with my musical instruments, so they all kind of mingle.  I drape lots of things over my music stand, like these camera strap covers waiting for fleece innards.

I'm getting ready for my only craft show for the fall, a fundraiser for my kiddo's preschool.  Last year I kind of stumbled into this thing because a friend asked me, then she had to back out at the last minute due to childcare issues.  So I just did the best I could, with really low expectations, and rather low inventory as well.  And it went AWESOME.  So I'm back. 

I actually didn't sign up for the show by the deadline.  I didn't want to commit because my dad was so sick.  But they called anyways, the day after the funeral.  And well...I might not be ready for it, but you know, life is short.  So why the heck not?  If I don't have a lot of inventory, I'll just take custom orders like last year.

Besides, hand-binding table runners and knitting hats is a great way to pass the time while I watch the kids play!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

soapbox moment: care

Hi, craftosphere.  I'm home.  From where?

Two funerals in three weeks.

First, my husband's grandmother.

Second, my father.

Both of them had been ill for a long time.  Both of them were suffering.  Both of them were believers in Christ, as I am, and are now free in heaven, with new bodies, healed and happy.

The rest of us are a little worse for wear.  We're happy for them both, peaceful of heart, but very very tired.

I want to say a couple of things about Huntington's disease, from which my dad suffered for almost 10 years.  Now that it's all over, I feel like I can talk about it publicly without being disrespectful of his desire for normalcy, his desire to live life to the fullest, to not be characterized by the disease.  He was an incredible man, an upright man, a model of Godly character and courage.  He was NOT defined by this disease.  But since so few know about it, I have a few words to say.

First of all, Huntington's disease is ugly, really really really ugly, and not a novelty.

You see it in the media, like with Thirteen on "House", or in a Harlan Coben novel, or if you've been around a long time, you might know it as Woody Guthrie's disease.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's cool.  If you have HD, then people often think you are drunk or mentally handicapped.  You fall a lot.  You can't drive, or shouldn't.  You can hardly work.  You possibly passed it on to your kids, and for this, you feel really really guilty.  Your personality changes so gradually that people don't always know that you've lost your ability to reason properly.  You sometimes are belligerent and cruel to the ones you love, and even when you aren't, your movements are so violent that you bruise and batter them unintentionally.  You slowly starve to death.  You are at risk for choking.  You know that there's no cure.

There's no cure.

There's only care.

But care isn't popular.  Care doesn't get big budget benefits and black tie galas.  Care doesn't get media attention.  Care doesn't get donations.

Care takes commitment from the family.  It takes unbelievable financial, physical, and spiritual resources.  Care is expensive in every way imaginable.  Care suffers quietly, anonymously.

Caring for someone at home is the most exhausting, the most demanding, the most noble and loving thing a person can do for another.  Even the most well-equipped nursing home can rarely handle a HD patient, so my mom cared for dad at home.  She loved him like nothing I have ever seen before, and she gave of herself every minute of every day, all for him.  Sacrificial love.  Up until the very last breath.

Why am I telling you all of this?  You came here to read about knitting and sewing.

Because you probably know someone quietly suffering, taking care of a loved one at home.  Maybe it's your grandma taking care of grandpa.  Maybe it's your next door neighbor with her handicapped child.  Maybe you actually know someone with Huntington's disease (unlikely, but if you do I'd like to know).  If any of the above rings a bell, and someone is now in your mind, then REACH OUT TO THEM.  They need your help.  They are TOO BUSY TO ASK FOR HELP.  You can give them a little bit of courage by a simple meal, card, ride, phone call, email, mow, errand, visit.

Care.  Focus on care.  Do what the big-budget galas can't do.

For those who reached out to me and my family during this dark turmoil of the last 10 years, thank you.  You were ministers of grace.  You were Christ in action.

As for the future?  I'm at risk for HD.  I'm not going to be tested, although I plan to enroll in some medical studies.

But, as my dad said, I'm not going to base my life on an "if."  I'm going to LIVE.

Time to sew.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

the paint chip challenge!

I stumbled upon this challenge yesterday, and it got my mind working.  My eldest has a birthday in the fall, and we need to be thrifty with the party this year, so I am pondering an "art party."  This kiddo LOVES art projects, drawing, painting, play-doh, you name it.  She gets positively giddy over paint samples, so they would be perfect for the goody bags!

Supply list:

paint samples - the large single-color kind
cellophane bags
stickers, erasers, and other small goodies
hole punch

I used Better Homes & Gardens paint samples from Wal-mart, which, due to incredible luck, fit perfectly into these 6" x 3.75" cellophane bags that I already had on hand.

Write your message on the paint sample, slide it into the baggie, and slide in a page of stickers facing the other way so you cover up the ugly backside of the sample.  Incidentally, I'm the world's WORST note-writer, so I try to say "thank you" in the goodie bags.  It's not how Emily Post would do it, but it's better than never getting around to it.

Now punch two holes in the top of the bag and slide a pencil through the holes.  Ta-da!  For only pennies you have a cute party favor!

We also picked up a few of the paint samples with the hole in them.  I think these make terrific gift tags!

This is a little bucket with holes already in the sides for tying a ribbon.  Full of art supplies, it would make another inexpensive yet fun gift for a creative kiddo!

By the way, immediately after these pictures were taken, the kids appropriated the paint samples for their own creative uses.  They will probably end up being placemats for the next stuffed animal tea party!

And don't tell my husband, but while I was at Wal-mart I picked up a few extra samples that would look nice on the living room wall...

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

this is a test of the emergency broadcast system

Hi to you all, just wanted to let you know what is going on.

First, thanks to everyone for the kind comments and attention regarding my recent Moda Bake Shop project!  I've got lots of ideas brimming for the next big thing!

But I have to put my ideas aside for a little while.

You see, my husband's grandmother passed away yesterday.  And my oldest starts kindergarten Tuesday.  And my dad is close to passing away as well, no one knows for sure, but we're talking days and weeks.

That's a lot to process.

My family needs my full attention for a little while.  I've got some Cascade Alpaca Lace Paints to keep me company, too.

Thanks to all my new followers.  There will be new content soon.

love, Amy
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my first moda bake shop project!

So here's what I have been hiding from you:

It's my very first Moda Bake Shop project, a skirt!  If you sew, and you don't know about Moda Bake Shop, get on over there right away.  It is a fantastic blog full of imaginative projects using Moda pre-cut fabrics.  I have had so much fun with this.  My awesome friend Jen took me down to the Mayfield Nature Preserve here in Austin and we had our own little photo shoot. 

It's so wonderful having a friend like Jen!  She is a crafty kindred spirit for sure -- she helped me learn how to knit, and we love doing all kinds of crafty things together.  One time we even conquered the yarn shop hop with two fussy nursing infants in tow!  So if you live anywhere from San Antonio to Dallas, she's your girl for portraits and weddings.  Her blog has more samples so check it out.  Here's some shots from our fun morning in the park:

I am not a professional model by any means, but I can read a book.

And walk through a door.

And stand still on high heels!  Not bad for someone who wears flip flops all the time.

But someone else wanted their picture taken, too.

Jen was laying on the ground all twisted up like a pretzel, shooting away, and he just wandered into the frame.  Not that I'm complaining.  Look at those colors!  Nothing I could make could compare to God's creativity in making this guy. 

I also did a few poses in front of this cool rock wall.

And in front of this cute door.  You can't even tell that I'm gagging from the smell -- this is the peahen house.  My modeling skills are amazing.

All joking aside, I do really love how this skirt turned out, and if you know me in person you can expect to see me wearing it a lot.  With my flip flops.

If you want to make one too, head on over to the tutorial here.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

hooray for saturday!

Hey y'all, hope you are having a great weekend!  Lots o' fun going on over here.  I can't tell you everything because that would be against protocol, but here are some highlights:

  • awesome photo shoot with the lovely Jen yesterday, pics aren't quite ready to post but I will soon (they are part of a secret project).  Jen is so many kinds of awesome, she can do it all.  And her hubby even watched my kids while we went to play with the cameras.  whattaguy!
  • visit from a dear friend and her daughter, so fun to see all three girls playing together!  Don't you just love having the kinds of friends that you can pick up where you left off, and it's like no time at all has passed between you?  Jeni is that kind of friend.  She is family.
  • my 5yo lost her first tooth, had her first piano lesson, and got a new bike all in the last 3 days.  That's a lot of excitement!!
So for now, I leave you with a link to one of my favorite blogs, p.s. i quilt.  Rachel is hosting a giveaway over there for this pretty little item:

I can think of lots of lovely things to do with these 30's reproduction prints!  Click on over to check out her site and enter the giveaway!

see ya laters -
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dude. i made a button.

Look over there to the left!

i could not have done this alone.  let's give credit where credit is due:

Thank you, Oikology 101.  I don't know you, but your directions were impeccable, and it gave me the self-satisfaction of having done it myself.  Now I can go upstairs and brag to my husband, who will be totally shocked that I did it without interrupting his Starcraft game.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twenty-Minute Tote Redo!

Went to Old Navy the other day to hit the clearance sale.  Old Navy's sales are garage sale cheap and often about as organized as digging through a big box of random unpriced stuff.  But, just like garage sales, sometimes you find a little gem.

I found this denim tote for 8 bucks.  I felt very sorry for it, because it was like the plain girl at the school dance, sitting in the bleachers while her colorful friends are getting all of the attention.  But, bless her heart, she is just soooo boooooring.  Let's help her out.

I had a couple of doilies I picked up at JoAnn's a while back.  I can crochet doilies but for 99 cents or less why bother?

I pinned the doilies to the bag using straight pins, but I would recommend using curved safety pins if you have them on hand.  I stuck myself a lot during the sewing process. Since the bag is already finished, sewing the doily on required a lot of maneuvering and folding the bag as I sewed, hence all of the sticking with pins.

Sew around the center circle first, then around the outside edge of each doily.

Easy as pie!  I added a few fabric flowers too.

Now we have a cute little tote for my daughter's piano books!

Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap up     party!


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

i'm a winner! i'm so special.

Hey all!  Megan from the Brassy Apple notified me today that I was a winner in her most recent giveaway. Yay!  I love to win things.  I did not win at Bunco last night, and even though it was my very first time I was still kind of disappointed.  (Not that Bunco takes actual skill or anything.  I just like to win!)

Megan has really snazzy ideas and a funky style.  Here's a cute picture of her in one of the patterns I won.

I snagged this pic from her site.  It's totally hers.  But I don't think she will mind since I am talking about how awesome she is.  Her blog is one of my must-reads.  The e-book I won is full of fun scarf ideas, and you know how I love a good scarf!

Check out her shop for lots of patterny goodness!

I've got some really big things in the works over here, but can't let the secret out just yet, so hang in there! 
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Final Exhibit for Craft Fail Week: The Sasquatch Toe Socks

Dear Shannon,

Sorry it's taken me 6 months to come clean.  I tried.  I really did. I know your hubby really wanted these toe socks.  Thanks for being so kind as to supply the yarn and the pattern, and for your confidence in me.

It's a very good pattern.  That's not the problem.

I'm not sure the lady at the yarn store gave you good advice on this yarn.  It's lovely yarn.  But it's DK weight (or so it says) tweed, with no stretch at all, like the Cascade Fixation recommended.  It's also very scratchy.  I pulled out a significant amount of "VM" while knitting.  "VM" is knitter code for "vegetable matter"which is code for "bits of grass and crap" that gets into wool while it's still on the sheep.  Or at least that's one of the things I picked up from listening to some people talking about spinning.

I also had a little problem with gauge.  I had to go down to size 1's to get stitch gauge (but never got row gauge).  Not sure this DK-esque yarn liked being on size 1's.  It was kind of like knitting a brillo pad.

But they still turned out too big.  I say "they" but I should say "it", because after I finished the first sock my hubby tried it on and we both laughed until we cried.  So I only got as far as to make a few toes of the second sock.  I just didn't have enough optimism for that.

And I had to break into the second ball of yarn already to finish the first sock, so I don't think there's enough yarn anyways.

I'm really sorry.

In the end, it's probably a good thing I completely crashed and burned on this project.  Otherwise, you would have ended up with scratchy sasquatch socks that you felt obligated to pay for and your hubby felt obligated to wear.  Then he'd get some kind of itchy mysterious rash between his toes and you'd have to take him to a specialist who would charge you some ridiculous amount to explain to you that his in-between toe skin is just sensitive to sheep crud and sticks.

Would you like for me to frog it for you, or would you like the pleasure yourself?

Thanks for having such an awesome sense of humor about the whole thing.



P.S.  I'll give you a discount on that apron because I feel really guilty about the whole thing.  ;)
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exhibit B: The Applique Christmas Quilt

Before I get into Exhibit B, allow me to draw your attention (if you haven't noticed already) to the crappy job I did redesigning my blog layout. Ironic, don't you think, during Fail Week? I'm gonna get my tech support guy (aka hubby) on it this weekend, but tomorrow's his birthday, so I don't want to bug him about it until later. Anyhoo,

Welcome to the awesome hideousness of the Applique Christmas Quilt, circa 1999.

I moved into my house on December 23, 1998, and spent one night there before driving to Oklahoma for Christmas, in the worst icestorm Texas has seen in my lifetime (anyone remember the 80-car pileup on 183?). After the holidays at my parents' and in-laws' homes, decked to the halls of course, I came back to my new, shiny, and totally empty and boring home. A few weeks later I hit the craft store sales and brought home a big pile of fabric and a storebought pattern for something Christmasy, determined to get started on decorations for the next year. I distinctly remember having to do some very fancy talking to convince my husband that it was ok for me to spend all of that money, because it was an heirloom decoration we could pass down for generations.

In the words of that really old knight that guards the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

"You have chosen...poorly."
(Remember what happens to the bad guy then? That was me, trying to sew this dadgum thing.)

I was all gung ho at the beginning. I had my own craft room, for goodness' sake, in my giant new house with no kids or stuff in it yet. I had lots of time on my hands.

Time to discover some very, very important things about myself.

  • I hate tissue paper patterns.
  • Just because the fabric is on sale does not mean it is a good choice.
  • Just because the pattern is on sale does not mean it is a good choice.
  • Just because the theme is Christmas does not mean it is a classic style. (I suspect this was already a dated look back in 1999.)
  • I do not have the patience of a saint.
  • I do, however, have the mouth of a sailor. (This is a family trait - all the women in our family reserve cuss words for sewing time.)
  • And most importantly, I did not marry a man who likes moose and cutesy snowmen as home decor. (Actually, I don't like that stuff either, come to think of it.)

You know what the really, really funny part is?

I still have the dadgum thing under the bed.

I took these pictures today, and then I PUT IT BACK. Why? I'm not going to finish it, ELEVEN YEARS LATER.

Guess I've learned one more important thing about myself:

I don't know when to let go.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Epic Craft Fail Week: The Apple Green Shrug

Welcome to Exhibit A: "The Apple Green Shrug." I happen to really like this color, that's not the problem.

Let me state, for the record, that most of these craft failures are not due to pattern flaws. This is a lovely pattern, the One Skein Wonder by Stephanie Japel, whom I fervently admire. It's a fabulous little knit, great for a leftover yarn or something expensive. But I digress. This is about my disasters.

The most important reason that this project failed is:

I knit it while in the hospital after having my second C-section.

I was on lots of meds and it was pretty dark in there and I was sleep deprived. Not great conditions for successful knitting, although it turned out to be pretty successful as far as the kid was concerned!
Other than that, my most notable errors were:
  • Choosing a yarn with absolutely no bounce back or memory. This is Classic Elite Bam Boo, which has GORGEOUS drape, but doesn't lend itself to ribbing. Note the sagging in the first photo. This yarn would be better suited to a scarf or flowy top, but it can get quite heavy. A better choice for this project would be a wool blend or even something with a bit of stretch to help it out around the armholes.

  • Choosing a yarn with too many plies. This is only a problem because I was a very new knitter at the time, working in the dark, using pointy needles. Plies split. You can see a lot of them that went unknit in the photo below.

  • And last, but certainly not least, I was still a new enough knitter that I didn't know that I was twisting all of my knit stitches by knitting them through the back, and that it's a no-no.
You'd think that I would have stopped mid-way, what with all of these troubles with plies and sagging. But noooooo, I finished the whole thing. Guess I was hoping it would look ok in the end (like I said, I was on a lot of drugs). Alas, it does not. But the kids have appropriated it for dress-up, so at least it's not a waste entirely.

The kiddo turned out ok, though!!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Epic Craft Fail Week: Prologue

I've been meaning to do this for a while. With all of the successful projects going out these days, there are plenty of dirty little secret unfinished ones behind the scenes.

Various friends and family members catch a glimpse of the etsy shop, pay a nice compliment, then casually ask, "Hey, whatever happened to the baby gift/sweater/quilt/doodad you were making for me?"


"Ummm...sorry about that...I told you it wasn't going so well, that's why I ended up getting you the book/bath set/gizmo/box of diapers instead."

And then I slink away, feeling guilty.

Time to come clean.

Look folks, making stuff is really really really really fun. Except when it fails. And sometimes, it fails SO BADLY, you can't recover. Not just emotionally (although that happens). Sometimes, you simply can't salvage the supplies.

Like yarn, for example. Some yarns just don't rip out well. Mohair. Acrylic of dubious origin. Really expensive laceweight silk. Anything with twelve plies.

Fabric, once cut and sewn, can't always be reconstructed into something else. Maybe the pieces are too small or the wrong shapes. Maybe it was stipple quilted far too late in the evening when someone had two glasses of wine instead of one and the bobbin tension was way off but went unnoticed for about half of the quilt. Theoretically speaking, of course.

And sometimes, I think I have the skill to do something BUT I DON'T. True story. Oh so painfully true. Just you wait until I show you some of this junk.

Last but not least, some failures boil down to BAD CHOICES, plain and simple.

So this week, I'm going to share with you some of my worst failures. Go ahead, laugh at me, and pretend you don't have a baggie of neon Red Heart acrylic granny squares in the bottom of your closet.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

in reference to flexibility and deep thoughts about water

The last few days have required a LOT of flexibility! No sewing for me! We had a hot water heater flooding incident, so I have been completely focused on cleanup and dryout.

This got me thinking: it's amazing how dependent we are upon fresh water, and how we completely take that for granted. I had to shut off the water to the house for a while to stop the flooding, and even for that short time it was a very different way to live. Can you imagine not having drinking water? My former youth pastor, Ken Surritte, heads an organization called Water Is Life. They provide these ingenious water filter straws to kids around the world. The straw hangs around a child's neck, and is good for a year. The child can use the straw to drink from any water source, even raw sewage, and it filters it into clean water. How cool is that? I was freshly reminded of how blessed I am to have cheap, abundant, clean water, and how important it is to help provide that for others. Check out their site to see how you can help.

As for sewing, I'm holding out for next week, when my kids will be at Camp Nana...planning lots of projects!!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

flexibility is key

My most important job is Stay At Home Mom. Or, as we like to call it around here, Chief Operational Officer and Executive Vice President of Household Logistics and Management.

Sooo....I was going to blog/sew/tweet/work more this week, but the munchkins in my care required more care and attention than usual. It's summer, we're working out a schedule, and working on a budget, and lots of other things. So I decided to pull back a little this week and just relax and enjoy my kids.

That's the best part of being your own boss.

Next week will probably be entirely different. You never know around here!
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

and the winner is...

...Austin! @auschen07, to be exact, as his Twitter entry was the winning one. Thanks to everyone who entered! And thanks to my hubby, who did the drawing. This was the first giveaway, but certainly not the last. I am just getting started and having lots of fun doing it!

Next week I'll be blogging about my creative process and my creative scheduling to make it happen. I'm a stay-at-home-mom first and foremost, like many other craft business owners out there, and I have some thoughts to share with the blogosphere on how it works for me. So keep reading! Because you, my friends, will be able to say you knew me when I just got started!!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

give it away, give it away, give it away now

Welcome to my very first GIVEAWAY!!! I need help spreading the word about HoopDeeDoo, so I'm giving away a custom camera strap cover!

The lucky winner can choose from a cover currently in the etsy shop, or I will custom design one just for you. Or if camera strap covers aren't your thing, then we can work out something else. It's not a fun prize if you can't get what you want!

You can get a gazillion (well, close at least) chances to win! Here's how:

1. Go to my etsy shop and find something you like, then come back HERE and tell me about it!

2. Become a Facebook fan: HoopDeeDoo, then come back HERE and leave a comment!

3. Follow me on Twitter: @hoopdeedooshop , then come back HERE and leave a comment!

4. Follow this blog via the method of your choosing (RSS/Blogger/bookmark/whatever), then...you guessed it, leave a comment HERE!

5. Get a friend to do any of the above. Leave a comment HERE with your friend's name/username/pseudonym/whatever. (honor system here) You earn another chance for EACH FRIEND.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

danger! danger! run away! run away!

The other day I was at the church with some friends sewing these looooooong stretchy white panels to fit over PVC frames. They'll go in the background of the band set and have various colored lights shining on them. Very nifty. But I digress. Anyways, about 3 feet into the first panel, all of a sudden, SKQURNK!! machine thunks to a halt. Serious, massive thread jam. Doing my best to stay calm, I tried to remove the jam, but then realized that internal parts were actually bent. So I had to finish up using someone else's machine and then dash mine off to the repair shop.

It was a pretty easy repair, but it took a couple of days to get it done. Meanwhile, back at home, packages begin to arrive in the mail to taunt me. Amy Butler fabric squares bought on Ebay. Michael Miller Groovy Guitars fabric. "Dad-ish" fabric for Father's Day stuff for the shop. Various emails and order requests from friends. Umm...thank goodness I wasn't in the middle of any custom orders!! I satisfied myself with knitting and preparing for hosting a baby shower Saturday night (although I could not actually sew the gift, so they will have to get it later!)

Then the call finally came and with a giddy heart I drove the 45 minutes into downtown Austin to the shop. Paid for and picked up my machine and the nice repairman even showed me how to do a couple of things. And then I made the mistake of talking to the saleslady about sergers.

Heaven help me. I thought I wanted a serger badly before this. Now I can barely stand it.

The 5-thread stitch! Sewing knits! What it could do for my patchwork addition! OH. MY. EVERLOVIN. GOSH. 6 months no interest. Free lessons. I got as far as taking the credit application, before I came to my senses (pictured my husband's face if I brought it home, especially since the day before I had just gone on a "we need to stop spending money" bender).
I just about ran out of the store.
But I actually had a dream about it last night. Is that sad?
Someone buy it for me, please.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tutorial: T-shirt Flowers

Hmm...what to do with those old t-shirts...why cut them up and make them into cute flowers, of course! Here's one of a million ways to do it. This is a hand-sewn method.

You'll need:
  • T-shirt knit fabric cut into soft heart or oval shapes, roughly the size of your finished petals
    (I used scraps cut from an old crib sheet for this particular flower)
  • Scrap of fabric for the back, or something to sew the flower to (like another t-shirt)
  • Thread to match your flower (here I am using contrasting thread so you can see what I am doing)
  • Hand sewing supplies

  1. Start by choosing your largest hearts or ovals and folding them haphazardly. Take one and position the petals where the outside edge of your finished flower will be. Stitch into place (see my orange stitching? You may want to use more and smaller stitches. I made mine large for visibility.)

  2. Layer another petal piece on top of the other, stitch down. Work your way around until you have the lowest "tier" of petals.

  3. Add more layers, stitching as you go. Fold the petals in different directions and be sure to sew through all layers. Make each tier a little smaller than the last.

  4. When your flower looks almost finished, fold a very small petal into a cone shape. Pinch the pointed end and sew through it by itself first, then attach in the center very securely.

  5. Fluff and enjoy!

A few tips about these types of flowers:
  • Washing will make t-shirt fabric curl but not fray.
  • If you machine-dry the flower, it will curl more. It's a cute look (kind of like an old rose), but make sure you add enough layers to keep your flower looking full if you plan to tumble dry.
  • You can attach the flower to a scrap of fabric as shown above, then machine or hand stitch really tiny in a circle around the base of the flower to attach it to a garment. Trim around the edge of the circle to hide the base fabric.

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