Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Creativity is not a pretty sight."

Horrific pile, eh?  My mom is visiting, but when she saw my office, she was not surprised.

Because when I was a teenager, I had a Garfield sign on my bedroom door that said, "Creativity is not a pretty sight."  I used this as an excuse for all kinds of horrific clutter in my room, which truly was either debris from creative activities, or a general lack of cleanliness because I was so busy being creative I didn't have time to clean.

Nothing has changed.  ;)  Everything in my sewing room has to coexist with my musical instruments, so they all kind of mingle.  I drape lots of things over my music stand, like these camera strap covers waiting for fleece innards.

I'm getting ready for my only craft show for the fall, a fundraiser for my kiddo's preschool.  Last year I kind of stumbled into this thing because a friend asked me, then she had to back out at the last minute due to childcare issues.  So I just did the best I could, with really low expectations, and rather low inventory as well.  And it went AWESOME.  So I'm back. 

I actually didn't sign up for the show by the deadline.  I didn't want to commit because my dad was so sick.  But they called anyways, the day after the funeral.  And well...I might not be ready for it, but you know, life is short.  So why the heck not?  If I don't have a lot of inventory, I'll just take custom orders like last year.

Besides, hand-binding table runners and knitting hats is a great way to pass the time while I watch the kids play!
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  1. I LOVE IT! Creativity is NOT a pretty sight. I made my BFF a dish towel that says "Creativity comes from Chaos"....similar theme! we said we needed it painted on our walls! lol

  2. Cyndi, that's not a bad idea...maybe I can stencil that on the wall over my desk!!


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