Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tutorial: Seat Stuff Stasher, Part 3

Welcome back! I am standing in my garage, typing this up as I watch the kids play in the culdesac. Hooray for laptops!! If I can't be sewing, at least I can blog about sewing, right? Today we'll be working on the straps.

  1. Pick up your short strap pieces. Fold them in half, then stitch 1/4" along each of the long sides.

    Turn inside out and press, then tuck in the raw end 1/2". Stitch it shut.

  2. Cut a small amount of Velcro to fit on each end of the strap, hooks on one side and loops on the other (of course), and stitch them down really well. When the Velcro is fastened, your strap should again be folded in half.

  3. Sew one end of your strap, Velcro up, about 1 1/2" in from the edge of your backing fabric, and about an inch down, as shown.

  4. Now pick up your 4" wide strap piece. Fold in half lengthwise wrong sides together, press. Open back up, and fold sides in to meet at the middle line you created.

    Turn in 1" at one end. Fold together once more. Now your strip is 1" wide.

  5. Stitch around three sides, leaving the raw end open. Now cut a 3" length of Velcro. Stitch the hooks part on the finished end of the strap, 1" from the end.

    Stitch the loops part vertically on the backing fabric, 1/2" inside from one of your short straps, as shown.
    Don't worry about the other end of this strap; we will cut it to fit at the very end.

That's it for now! Next time we will do the final assembly, so stay tuned!!

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