Friday, August 27, 2010

the paint chip challenge!

I stumbled upon this challenge yesterday, and it got my mind working.  My eldest has a birthday in the fall, and we need to be thrifty with the party this year, so I am pondering an "art party."  This kiddo LOVES art projects, drawing, painting, play-doh, you name it.  She gets positively giddy over paint samples, so they would be perfect for the goody bags!

Supply list:

paint samples - the large single-color kind
cellophane bags
stickers, erasers, and other small goodies
hole punch

I used Better Homes & Gardens paint samples from Wal-mart, which, due to incredible luck, fit perfectly into these 6" x 3.75" cellophane bags that I already had on hand.

Write your message on the paint sample, slide it into the baggie, and slide in a page of stickers facing the other way so you cover up the ugly backside of the sample.  Incidentally, I'm the world's WORST note-writer, so I try to say "thank you" in the goodie bags.  It's not how Emily Post would do it, but it's better than never getting around to it.

Now punch two holes in the top of the bag and slide a pencil through the holes.  Ta-da!  For only pennies you have a cute party favor!

We also picked up a few of the paint samples with the hole in them.  I think these make terrific gift tags!

This is a little bucket with holes already in the sides for tying a ribbon.  Full of art supplies, it would make another inexpensive yet fun gift for a creative kiddo!

By the way, immediately after these pictures were taken, the kids appropriated the paint samples for their own creative uses.  They will probably end up being placemats for the next stuffed animal tea party!

And don't tell my husband, but while I was at Wal-mart I picked up a few extra samples that would look nice on the living room wall...

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  1. I am getting ready to throw an art party for my daughter. I LOVE THE tag
    idea for the paint chips. Very clever. I will link back to you if I end up using it. THANKS

  2. Oh my goodness, what a great idea using the ones with the holes in them for tags! Brilliant!


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