Friday, May 14, 2010

Tutorial: T-shirt Flowers

Hmm...what to do with those old t-shirts...why cut them up and make them into cute flowers, of course! Here's one of a million ways to do it. This is a hand-sewn method.

You'll need:
  • T-shirt knit fabric cut into soft heart or oval shapes, roughly the size of your finished petals
    (I used scraps cut from an old crib sheet for this particular flower)
  • Scrap of fabric for the back, or something to sew the flower to (like another t-shirt)
  • Thread to match your flower (here I am using contrasting thread so you can see what I am doing)
  • Hand sewing supplies

  1. Start by choosing your largest hearts or ovals and folding them haphazardly. Take one and position the petals where the outside edge of your finished flower will be. Stitch into place (see my orange stitching? You may want to use more and smaller stitches. I made mine large for visibility.)

  2. Layer another petal piece on top of the other, stitch down. Work your way around until you have the lowest "tier" of petals.

  3. Add more layers, stitching as you go. Fold the petals in different directions and be sure to sew through all layers. Make each tier a little smaller than the last.

  4. When your flower looks almost finished, fold a very small petal into a cone shape. Pinch the pointed end and sew through it by itself first, then attach in the center very securely.

  5. Fluff and enjoy!

A few tips about these types of flowers:
  • Washing will make t-shirt fabric curl but not fray.
  • If you machine-dry the flower, it will curl more. It's a cute look (kind of like an old rose), but make sure you add enough layers to keep your flower looking full if you plan to tumble dry.
  • You can attach the flower to a scrap of fabric as shown above, then machine or hand stitch really tiny in a circle around the base of the flower to attach it to a garment. Trim around the edge of the circle to hide the base fabric.

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