Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twenty-Minute Tote Redo!

Went to Old Navy the other day to hit the clearance sale.  Old Navy's sales are garage sale cheap and often about as organized as digging through a big box of random unpriced stuff.  But, just like garage sales, sometimes you find a little gem.

I found this denim tote for 8 bucks.  I felt very sorry for it, because it was like the plain girl at the school dance, sitting in the bleachers while her colorful friends are getting all of the attention.  But, bless her heart, she is just soooo boooooring.  Let's help her out.

I had a couple of doilies I picked up at JoAnn's a while back.  I can crochet doilies but for 99 cents or less why bother?

I pinned the doilies to the bag using straight pins, but I would recommend using curved safety pins if you have them on hand.  I stuck myself a lot during the sewing process. Since the bag is already finished, sewing the doily on required a lot of maneuvering and folding the bag as I sewed, hence all of the sticking with pins.

Sew around the center circle first, then around the outside edge of each doily.

Easy as pie!  I added a few fabric flowers too.

Now we have a cute little tote for my daughter's piano books!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!

  2. Just found you via "Saturday Soiree" -- what a delight to find you're a fellow FOC :) <><

    What a great use of doilies! I have quite a stash and can't bring myself to use them for their intended purpose -- but also can't bring myself to get rid of them!Thanks for the great idea:)



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