Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tutorial: Seat Stuff Stasher, Part 2

Ok, I know you are raring to go. Now that you have decided to make one of these, the junk in your car is driving you nuts. So turn on your iron and let's get to it!

  1. Take the two back pieces and two pocket pieces. (Set aside the strap pieces for now.) Determine which will be the top edges of all of them. Turn under each piece 1/2", press, then turn under 1" and press.

  2. Set aside the back pieces for now. Take your smallest pocket piece, fold in half, and press. Unfold and place on top of your middle pocket, line up the bottom and side edges, and pin. Sew down the fold line you just created. Be sure to backstitch well at the top.

  3. Now let's do the long elastic strap. Find your longest strip of fabric and fold in half lengthwise right sides together, press. Sew 1/4" from raw edge. Turn right side out (use a safety pin attached to one end to help you thread it through.) Press if desired.

  4. Now thread your elastic through. You will probably want to use a safety pin to help get this through, too. Be sure to anchor your other end of elastic to something so it doesn't pop through the tube. I pinned mine to the ironing board.

  5. Leave about 1/2" of elastic hanging out each end of the tube. Tuck in the fabric ends just a little bit to avoid fraying. Stitch very well just inside the fabric line.

That's it for today, next time we will work on the other straps!
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