Monday, January 31, 2011

we now return to our regularly scheduled blog entry

Well, I took a little blogging break.  Like a couple of months.  I had some stuff to do.  
Thanksgiving, check!
Christmas, check!

(Like those are small things.)

Somewhere in there I managed to fill about 50 custom orders.  I may have lost my mind temporarily.

tissue covers.

kindle covers.

camera strap covers.

baby head covers.

apparently, I like to cover things.

A few cheesy Christmas song covers.  Duets with my bro.  Good times, y'all.  My piano skills are definitely not what they once were, but we had fun.
It's late January now, and I've had a nice little break.  Ready to tackle blogging again.  So...what better way to start than with a  giveaway?  Details coming in the next post!! 
It's good to be back!
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