Tuesday, September 18, 2012

crazy 8 wreath

I've finally learned.
I'm starting on Christmas decor projects now instead of in December.
(Ladies and gentlemen, she can be taught!!)

I've had this honey bun of Crazy 8 hanging around for a while.  


almost sold it in my Etsy shop.  Almost.  It's discontinued, and would probably have been snapped up by some poor quilter who ran out of fabric for his/her project.

But it matches the table runner for my front table, so I decided to make it into something.  (No pic of the table runner today; it's in the attic with the rest of the Christmas stuff.)

I've always wanted to make this adorable wreath tutorial from Moda Bake Shop.
It's no-sew, it's fast, it's totally adorable.  Instant gratification!!
I happened to have a 14" wire frame lying around.  Who doesn't? ;)


The project involved a lot of tying.  
And a lot of lint.
And two episodes of Friends, two Seinfelds, and one Big Bang Theory.


But look how pretty!
And so painless.


Do I have to put it in the attic?  Can't I just leave it out for a couple of months?
I love all of the fraying selvage-y goodness.

Moda Bake Shop

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

my photo setup

behind the scenes

My light box is not permanently set up, so I have to compete with the LPS scenes for coffee table time to do my product photos.

(Just in case you don't have little girls, LPS stands for Littlest Pet Shop, which is code for Thousands of Tiny Animal-Themed Plastic Trinkets that Take Over the Whole Dang House.)

Usually I have to move books, laundry, and maybe some random decor as well.

I wonder what other Etsy sellers are cropping out of their product shots?
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Friday, September 7, 2012

instafriday linkup

this week in pictures:

this is my office today... :)

Labor Day weekend at my in-laws house, aka My Favorite Resort With Amazing Food and Free Childcare.

this is the life... :)

I didn't work the whole time.  :)

#knitting #picframe

Playing with yarn and PicFrame on the way home.  
(btw: this was my first time working with Colrain and it was simply divine!)

lunchbox note ideas

Back to school: lunchbox notes.  
(This is Mr. Happy Heart.  You'll hear more about him later.)

3 thread ultra stretch mock safety stitch serger

New stuff for the shop!

Trying not to get pasta on the computer.

reusable snack bags

Working within my advertising budget of $0.00!

What have you been up to this week?

life rearranged

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

what a summer!

What a wonderful summer we had!  So many crafty and worthwhile pursuits with my sweet girls.

chevron scarf update #knitting


This might be their best clubhouse yet!  Love the paw print flag! #mykidsrock

Clubhouse building.

I did not know my 5yo could play the lute! #mykidsrock


"please take me for a walk, mommy" - Brisco Fuzzypants


shop restock coming soon! #etsy #buyhandmade hoopdeedoo.etsy.com


"quilting" with fabric scraps and painters tape :) #mykidsrock

Quilting. (with painter's tape, mind you.)

this makes me soooo happy :) #mykidsrock

Learning to sew.

They finished well!  I've never seen them work as hard as I did today.  So proud! #mykidsrock

Helping others.

And now they are back in school, and my youngest is in all day kindergarten.  It's very weird suddenly having 7.5 kid-free hours 5 days a week.  Everyone keeps asking me, "What are you going to do with yourself now that you have all that free time?"

Oh, I bet I'll come up with something. ;)

shop restock coming soon! #etsy #buyhandmade hoopdeedoo.etsy.com

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

little pattern weights

I used up some favorite scraps the other day to make some cute little weights.  I needed them to help hold down fabric while it's being cut, hold templates in place, etc.


{fabric: alexander henry apples and pears, unidentified heart print scraps, fusible fleece}

This is definitely one of those patterns where you don't really need a pattern, just an idea, and I must give credit where credit is due: Oh Fransson (aka Elizabeth Hartman).  I love the blog, and her book The Practical Guide to Modern Patchwork.  Practical?  So very HoopDeeDoo.

To fill the weights, first I tried to use those glass flat-bottom marble thingies you use in home decor, because I have a lot of them for some reason.  They aren't heavy enough.  So I went with the pennies.


It strikes me as a little sad that pennies are not worth enough as currency to buy something and are now essentially filler.  Poor Abe Lincoln.  Don't take it personally.


And they do an excellent job of  holding the aforementioned book open to the pattern I've chosen for that lovely fabric you saw the other day. :)

{find the tutorial here.}

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