Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Tips I Learned The Hard Way, All In One Day, Actually.

Public Service Announcement:

1.  Always wear shoes when sewing.  That way when you knock over a box of straight pins, you won't get half of them stuck in your feet when you are trying to clean them up.

2.  Pre-clean your sewing room floor before vacuuming.  Lint rollers can be helpful.  Vacuums do not like long threads.  And vacuum repair and brush replacement is pretty pricey.  (So I'm told.)

3.  Slow down when serging.  Although it feels pretty cool to use the serger at top speed, it does a better job of transitioning across existing seams if you slow down a bit.  Hitting a bump at top speed can break your thread, or worse, your needle.

4.  Glasses are not only super hot, but they protect your eyes from flying needles.  Um. yeah.

Now I'm going to go find a box of band-aids to keep in here.  Just in case.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making my peace with blogging

So obviously I fell off the #marchphotoaday bandwagon.

I wanted to do it.  I had fun taking the pictures.  But then spring break came and I forgot to take all of the pictures, and when we got back to the routine, it was all I could do to just make sure the family was fed and clothed and where they were supposed to be at any given moment.

Photo taken at Pops on 3/14/12

I've been pondering blogging and my role in the blogosphere and my lack of motivation for it.  Here's what I've come up with:

1.  I don't need anything else to do.  If blogging feels like a chore, I'm not going to do it, because I have enough chores to do, so I should do one that results in my family having clean dishes or something like that.  

2.  I can't compete.  Reading other people's shiny happy blogs makes me feel like my house isn't clean enough, my blog isn't pretty enough, etc. etc.  Let me be clear: NO ONE is making me feel that way but MYSELF.  So I removed myself from reading most blogs I follow for a while.  It felt really good.  And the universe did not explode.

3.  I'd rather be sewing.  I only have about 5 hours a week to put into my etsy shop, so I'd rather spend all of that making stuff than wrestling with blogger.

4.  I've got other non-crafty projects that eat up huge amounts of time and satisfy my creative urges in a way blogging simply can't.  Like music.  I got to produce and sing in a bluegrass worship service for Easter with Rick Trevino.  It required tons of planning and rehearsal and resulted in one of the most joyful Easters of my life!  You can't say yes to everything, so when these kinds of projects come along, I just say NO to everything else mediocre so I can say YES to amazing!

5.  And, most importantly, the family comes first.  Read this amazing post my friend Jen brought to my attention today.  (Jen is a spectacular blogger herself, and hers is one of the few that made the cut, because, well, she's Jen.)

So, to sum up, I think I have made my peace with being a sporadically posting, bad photo taking, messy random blogger who can't write html and only occasionally responds to comments.  


(I'm much better at Facebook and Twitter, by the way)

My desk.  Scary, eh?

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