Friday, March 9, 2012

days 7,8,9

day 7: something you wore 

(my favorite dirty skechers which look cuter than tennis shoes but i can stand in them all day)

day 8: window (taken a day late, oops)

(my tomato plants, longing to actually graduate to the garden)

day 9: red

(brisco and his favorite kong, with a little peanut butter to make it yummier)


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

days 4, 5, 6

day 4: bedside.

it's always a mess, but these are the essentials: meds, clock, lotion to make me sleepy, sudoku to make me sleepy, miscellaneous crap, surprise love notes from the girls.

day 5: smile.

how could I pick just one of these sweet smiles?  And this while K was doing her music theory homework.  happy happy happy girls.

day 6: 5pm.

on the porch, just got off the phone, with Brisco attached.  he's either the sweetest or the clingiest dog i've ever met, can't decide.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

day 2: fruit, day 3: my neighborhood

Day 2: fruit. We easily spend $25-30/week on fruit. I'm thankful that we always have such an abundance of fresh food available to us.

Day 3: my neighborhood. I don't want to violate anyone's privacy on accident, so I took a pic from the back of the house. We have this lovely quiet park behind the house. This view is from the girls' playhouse. Can you imagine how vast this seems to a kid?

Wow. We have it so good.


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Friday, March 2, 2012

{march photo a day challenge} day 1:up

So I'd like to get back to blogging this year.  (way to go on those new year's's MARCH, for crying out loud).

This idea seemed like an easy way back in.  Day 1 theme: Up. Hmmm....

Up.  I looked Up from my lunch yesterday and saw this sign.  

I had a veggie slider, which was awesome, because most places put soy in their veggie burgers and thus I cannot partake.  I'm allergic to soy.  Unfortunately, I could not eat the fried pickles because they are battered with something containing almonds, which I am also allergic to.  My husband was a real champ and ate all of them and pretended that they weren't so great, but I didn't believe him because of the drool and moans of delight.

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