Thursday, July 22, 2010

i'm a winner! i'm so special.

Hey all!  Megan from the Brassy Apple notified me today that I was a winner in her most recent giveaway. Yay!  I love to win things.  I did not win at Bunco last night, and even though it was my very first time I was still kind of disappointed.  (Not that Bunco takes actual skill or anything.  I just like to win!)

Megan has really snazzy ideas and a funky style.  Here's a cute picture of her in one of the patterns I won.

I snagged this pic from her site.  It's totally hers.  But I don't think she will mind since I am talking about how awesome she is.  Her blog is one of my must-reads.  The e-book I won is full of fun scarf ideas, and you know how I love a good scarf!

Check out her shop for lots of patterny goodness!

I've got some really big things in the works over here, but can't let the secret out just yet, so hang in there! 
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