Friday, March 2, 2012

{march photo a day challenge} day 1:up

So I'd like to get back to blogging this year.  (way to go on those new year's's MARCH, for crying out loud).

This idea seemed like an easy way back in.  Day 1 theme: Up. Hmmm....

Up.  I looked Up from my lunch yesterday and saw this sign.  

I had a veggie slider, which was awesome, because most places put soy in their veggie burgers and thus I cannot partake.  I'm allergic to soy.  Unfortunately, I could not eat the fried pickles because they are battered with something containing almonds, which I am also allergic to.  My husband was a real champ and ate all of them and pretended that they weren't so great, but I didn't believe him because of the drool and moans of delight.

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