Monday, September 12, 2011

so here's the plan.

Amy's Sure-Fire Go Nuts in 4 Easy Steps Fall Plan

-Enroll children in two different schools 30 minutes apart. *check*

-Volunteer at school.  Temporarily lose mind and agree to coach a math strategy club.  (This from a musician that only counts to 8.) *check*

-Connect with some amazing musicians and get asked to join them in some cool gigs.  Rehearse a lot. A lot a lot.  Go on a 10-day international tour.  Pinch self.  No I'm not dreaming, it really is that freaking cool. *check*

-Find one of the most challenging breeds of dog to own and get a puppy version. *check*

*     *     *     *     *

Unfortunately, this fall's plan does not include a sewing business.  In fact, I will be touring during the holiday craft show season, and what I would normally use as sewing time will now be spent rehearsing.

I think if I can get some stuff made, I will re-open the etsy shop in time for Christmas shopping.  But for now, I shall craft as a stress-relieving outlet only.  This seemed to be the most logical area of life in which to cut back.

Not gonna lie, it was a hard decision.  I've put a lot into building HoopDeeDoo The Business over the last two years, and it was a fantastic outlet for my creativity and a haven during the stress of my dad's illness.  But sometimes we have to cut back on The Good in order to keep The Best.

That sounds deceptively mature of me.

Half of me wants to throw a big toddler-style tantrum about it, blame the puppy for taking up all of my free time, and eat my way through a bag of chocolate chips.  I guess that probably wouldn't help anything, and I'd gain back the 8 pounds I've lost this year.

But the other half of me is doing a super mega happy dance!  I'm so thankful!  I may not get another opportunity like this in my life.  Also, my family is sacrificing a lot so I can say yes to the musical stuff.   And they most certainly are The Best and must be given My Best and not My Leftovers.  

Fabric can wait.

(I do have some knitting planned for all of that down time during rehearsals, though!)

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  1. I was just thinking about you the other day! :) the music thing sounds like a totally awesome opportunity! GO FOR IT! :)


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