Thursday, July 12, 2012

little pattern weights

I used up some favorite scraps the other day to make some cute little weights.  I needed them to help hold down fabric while it's being cut, hold templates in place, etc.


{fabric: alexander henry apples and pears, unidentified heart print scraps, fusible fleece}

This is definitely one of those patterns where you don't really need a pattern, just an idea, and I must give credit where credit is due: Oh Fransson (aka Elizabeth Hartman).  I love the blog, and her book The Practical Guide to Modern Patchwork.  Practical?  So very HoopDeeDoo.

To fill the weights, first I tried to use those glass flat-bottom marble thingies you use in home decor, because I have a lot of them for some reason.  They aren't heavy enough.  So I went with the pennies.


It strikes me as a little sad that pennies are not worth enough as currency to buy something and are now essentially filler.  Poor Abe Lincoln.  Don't take it personally.


And they do an excellent job of  holding the aforementioned book open to the pattern I've chosen for that lovely fabric you saw the other day. :)

{find the tutorial here.}

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