Thursday, August 30, 2012

what a summer!

What a wonderful summer we had!  So many crafty and worthwhile pursuits with my sweet girls.

chevron scarf update #knitting


This might be their best clubhouse yet!  Love the paw print flag! #mykidsrock

Clubhouse building.

I did not know my 5yo could play the lute! #mykidsrock


"please take me for a walk, mommy" - Brisco Fuzzypants


shop restock coming soon! #etsy #buyhandmade


"quilting" with fabric scraps and painters tape :) #mykidsrock

Quilting. (with painter's tape, mind you.)

this makes me soooo happy :) #mykidsrock

Learning to sew.

They finished well!  I've never seen them work as hard as I did today.  So proud! #mykidsrock

Helping others.

And now they are back in school, and my youngest is in all day kindergarten.  It's very weird suddenly having 7.5 kid-free hours 5 days a week.  Everyone keeps asking me, "What are you going to do with yourself now that you have all that free time?"

Oh, I bet I'll come up with something. ;)

shop restock coming soon! #etsy #buyhandmade

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