Tuesday, September 18, 2012

crazy 8 wreath

I've finally learned.
I'm starting on Christmas decor projects now instead of in December.
(Ladies and gentlemen, she can be taught!!)

I've had this honey bun of Crazy 8 hanging around for a while.  


almost sold it in my Etsy shop.  Almost.  It's discontinued, and would probably have been snapped up by some poor quilter who ran out of fabric for his/her project.

But it matches the table runner for my front table, so I decided to make it into something.  (No pic of the table runner today; it's in the attic with the rest of the Christmas stuff.)

I've always wanted to make this adorable wreath tutorial from Moda Bake Shop.
It's no-sew, it's fast, it's totally adorable.  Instant gratification!!
I happened to have a 14" wire frame lying around.  Who doesn't? ;)


The project involved a lot of tying.  
And a lot of lint.
And two episodes of Friends, two Seinfelds, and one Big Bang Theory.


But look how pretty!
And so painless.


Do I have to put it in the attic?  Can't I just leave it out for a couple of months?
I love all of the fraying selvage-y goodness.

Moda Bake Shop

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