Friday, December 18, 2009

oh, the holidays...

I LOVE the holidays...all of the shopping, fun music, special time with name it! I am done with all of the custom orders and have now moved on to family gifts. There are probably a lot of things I could be doing to promote my business more during this time, but I want to put my family first, and treat them to some special tissue covers in their favorite colors, little dresses, handknit scarves and hats, a giant blanket for my kids, and aprons of course! I would post pictures but that would spoil the surprise!!

So, HoopDeeDoo is formally taking a rest until January, when there will be new orders to fill and new ideas to implement. A local shop has requested some of my tee dresses for Valentine's Day (!!!), and I have lots of ideas for etsy stuff for next year. I plan to beef up my blogging and take a more aggressive approach to marketing next year, as I am continuing to find my niche. It has been a joy and success thus far. So Merry Christmas, happy crafting, and see you next year!!
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