Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Tips I Learned The Hard Way, All In One Day, Actually.

Public Service Announcement:

1.  Always wear shoes when sewing.  That way when you knock over a box of straight pins, you won't get half of them stuck in your feet when you are trying to clean them up.

2.  Pre-clean your sewing room floor before vacuuming.  Lint rollers can be helpful.  Vacuums do not like long threads.  And vacuum repair and brush replacement is pretty pricey.  (So I'm told.)

3.  Slow down when serging.  Although it feels pretty cool to use the serger at top speed, it does a better job of transitioning across existing seams if you slow down a bit.  Hitting a bump at top speed can break your thread, or worse, your needle.

4.  Glasses are not only super hot, but they protect your eyes from flying needles.  Um. yeah.

Now I'm going to go find a box of band-aids to keep in here.  Just in case.

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