Friday, May 20, 2011

{fave friday}: limes

Limes.  I am in love with limes.  Not lime flavoring, that I can't stand.  Actual, real, fresh, juicy, tart limes.  Summertime in a cute little green package.  The ubiquitous summer fruit.

In my water.


On a tree in my backyard.  (the cutest, tiniest limes you've ever seen!)

lime tree

I didn't consider iced tea to be drinkable until I discovered the magic potion that is a Sonic large unsweet tea with EXTRA lime.  Maybe one packet of truvia, maybe not.

iced tea

In a Corona.  And in some guac, of course.


Best margarita in the world, made by my hubby.


Tex-mex just isn't quite right without a squeeze.

tex mex

Can't live without 'em!
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