Friday, March 11, 2011

hoodie upcycle part trois: camera strap cover!

I've been making camera strap covers for a while now.  I didn't invent them, I just put my own spin on them based on recommendations from my fabulous friend Jen, and adding my love of strip piecing.

Anyhoo, the camera strap covers have been a popular item, and I've sold the one off my camera 5 times.

Time to make another, one which I will NOT sell.

Beloved hoodie, thou hast new life. 

I think I may have stumbled onto greatness here.  There is NOTHING cushier on a neck than an old sweatshirt.

I added some cute raw-edge appliques and lined it with fusible fleece for even more padding.

Pardon the picture quality, but I had to use my phone for the pics.  Because I totally put this on my real camera as soon as it was done.  And it isn't coming off.
Well, unless someone wants to pay me $200 for it or something.
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  1. Love all those fabrics! Nothing would be soften than an old hoodie- great idea!


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