Thursday, April 22, 2010

A very subtle reopening

You know how stores have a Grand Re-Opening, after a renovation or something like that? Well, I'm going for the Very Subtle Re-Opening. Creeping back into doing this Etsy thing, that barely got started before it had to take a break. I took the shop off of vacation mode, relisted a couple of items, and am preparing to list a bunch more one at a time.

Things have stabilized somewhat with my dad, enough that I am not operating in crisis mode. We're finding our family routine again, I've been brimming with ideas, and ready to put them out there! I have also been able to figure out how exactly I want to market my stuff. Weekends are prime family time, so I've decided not to pursue craft fairs. I have some boutique connections in the works, and Facebook is an awesome way to keep things in front of people without having to find a babysitter!!

One last thing...I DO plan to have a Grand Re-Opening Gala Celebration and Big Fussy Hoopla at some keep a look out!
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