Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kindermat Case

Our preschool requires a Kindermat for naptime, for sanitary reasons, with a washable cover. We leave the mat there, but we take the cover home weekly for washing. I didn't want a big puffy sleeping bag thing to lug home every week, because I am already lugging home backpacks, lunchboxes, half-dry art projects, jackets, etc. So I have always used a king-size pillowcase, which never really covered the whole thing, and didn't look cute at all, but was easily stuffed into a backpack and didn't take up the whole washing machine. Not anymore!!


Cuteness can be streamlined.

Also, if I ever need to haul the whole thing home, mat and all, it does this:


To see the photos better, click on the picture to go to flickr. If you are interested in a custom order, post a comment!
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  1. I so totally would order one, but Noah doesn't need a mat for school. They take a beachtowel. Bummer. Oh well. It looks adorable!


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